treatment application

How do I apply and what do I need to do?

Patients initially apply for treatment by e-mail or phone. We then explain what stem cell therapy could mean for them and the requirements that have to be met before they can undergo stem cell therapy. The next step involves the patient sending his or her relevant medical records to A1 Medical Center. A multidisciplinary team then reviews the patient’s medical status and decides whether stem cell therapy will be possible and appropriate.

If stem cell therapy is an option, a detailed treatment plan is prepared and the patient is informed of the costs of treatment, which vary depending on the type of treatment necessary. Once the patient has consented to the treatment plan and costs, an appointment is scheduled for bone marrow extraction and treatment at our clinic. Please note that  the bone marrow collection is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, so it is important that patients do not take any blood-thinning medication in the ten days prior to the appointment. It is necessary for each patient to consult their own doctor before discontinuing anti-coagulants except for aspirin, which can be continued.

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