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Improving the quality of life…


We would like to point out from the beginning that there are still many questions concerning the functions of stem cells, which science has not yet been able to answer. Despite the huge  advances, which have been made recently, there is no guarantee for the success of stem cell therapy. Nevertheless, every week we see this new “medicine” helping a lot of people and improving the quality of life of many patients. For this reason, we are passionate about what we are doing. We offer therapies with adult stem cells from your own body whenever classical treatment fails in order to help you in the best possible way we can.

After evaluating relevant information from each patient’s medical history, our medical team decides whether or not the patient is a suitable candidate for stem cell therapy. If you are considering undergoing stem cell therapy, please apply for a treatment evaluation. Treatment evaluations are free of charge.

Stem cell therapy with your own cells: for those with vision…

To learn more about the healing potential of autologous stem cells, including the methods and risks involved, start reading “Healing potential”or jump directly to our explanation of the actual “Treatment process”.
Read more about the various (degenerative) diseases A1 Medical Center can treat using adult stem cell therapy in “Diseases treated”.
Take a look at the results of our treatments to see what outcomes have been for treated patients. Or read the patient stories of many patients and their caregivers. In their own words they tell you their particular story. Each patient tells a different story, mostly with deep tragical and  dramatical elements, but after reading those stories you exactly know why at A1 Medical Center we are so passionate about our treatments and why we care after you!
Do you have questions about the treatments with adult stem cells? Read the Frequently Asked Questions section and complete on treatment evaluation form or contact us.

Is your understanding of stem cell treatment terminology still a bit fuzzy? Try our glossary to clear things up!