stem cell storage quality standards


The main reasons to use A1 Medical Center 

Although there are many suppliers for cord blood storage we provide you with 10 important reasons to select A1 Medical Center as your partner:

A1 Medical Center offers quality, treatment experience and affordability:

1. cGMP (Good manufacturing practice)

A1 Medical Center is working under cGMP. GMP is the highest pharmaceutical quality standard   in the European Union and the USA.

2. Validated procedures

All parts of the entire procedure, incuding the set for the cord blood collection, sample processing, freezing, testing and thawing, as well as documentation procedures  are carefully validated and have been approved by various regulatory authorities in and outside the EU.

3. Isolation of stem cells

A1 Medical Center isolates the stem cells from the red and white blood cells and the plasma. This is necessary to eliminate  the erythrocytes. This is of imminent importance, since red cells will be destroyed after thawing and consequently large quantities of haemoglobin will be released. This is toxic for the kidney,  and resulting in kidney failure. With the elimination of the erythrocytes during processing of the cord blood this problem does not exist.

4. Additional blood tests of the mother by PCR

In addition to the tests of the cord blood, the blood of the mother is be tested for several infections by the latest PCR technology (HIV, Hepatitis,…). This makes sure that even late infections can be found. This is important, because the pathogen would still be present in the transplant. There is also no need for repeating the tests after 3 months.

5. Quantification of the (blood) stem cells CD34+

Today, it is known that a successful therapy often depends on the amount of containing haematopoietic stem cells (CD34 +). A1 Medical Center does analyse how many of this stem cells are present and in which condition they are (Vitality).

6. Retaining samples for quality controls

A1 Medical Center also keeps retaining samples. This retaining samples are stored together with the main sample and can be used to test the product quality at any time. Normally this is done before a sample is used, to be sure the sample is in best conditions.

7. Quality Management System

A1 Medical Center and its labs do have an overall Quality Management System. This ensures that all samples are processed at a constant, high quality.

8. International experience since 2004

A1 Medical Center was founded in 2004 inSwitzerland. Thousands of samples are stored and were used in patients to treat many diseases. A1 Medical Center is working in many countries over the world. That experience is constantly used to improve the product quality.

9. Great expertise in adult stem cell treatments
Thousands of patients have safely and successfully underwent stem cell therapy.

10. Attractive price

Due to our low overheads by using the most advanced electronic systems we offer a very attractive price for collection, processing and storage of the cord blood and the cord tissue of your baby.