Reproductive medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with prevention, diagnosis and management of reproductive problems.

A number of diagnostic and therapeutic tools are available to this field. These include medical imaging studies to look for structural defects in the reproductive tract, bloodwork, analysis of eggs and sperm, and genetic testing.  Many differents specialities like for example Reproductive surgery, Reproductive toxicology, Reproductive endocrinology, Obscetrics, Gynecology and Urology, Radiology working together for this aim.

Goals of reproductive medicine include improving or maintaining reproductive health and allowing people to have children at a time of their choosing. This may include using assistive technology to achieve a pregnancy, such as performing in vitro fertilization (IVF) and implanting viable embryos, ISCI or Intrauterine insemination (IUI).

Treatments for infertility can include hormones, surgery to correct birth defects, and a variety of other options. In some cases also options such as using donor eggs or sperm, or pursuing surrogacy to carry a pregnancy to term could be dicsussed.

The technology available in our centers to assist couples with pregnancy is also under constant refinement, making pregnancy possible for more couples in a variety of situations.

Besides classical infertility treatments our centers provide aslo the innovative treatment with stem cells for male and female infertility.

full checkup-A1 Platinum Check-Up

full checkup A1 Platinum Check-Up is A1 Premier plus more in-depth and thorough assessments using more state-of-the-art screening and scanning technologies. It includes endoscopic procedures for the detection of signs of stomach and colorectal cancers, as well as...

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baby umbilical cord-Storage

Cord blood as a rich source of stem cells... It is a forward-thinking decision to have stem cells harvested from the blood in the umbilical cord stored for future use. Stem cells are already revolutionizing medical treatment practices today, although the exact way...

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cordblood-Included Services

A1 Medical Center offers a complete package for the storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells and stem cells from the cord itself. This package includes everything from the collection of the cord blood and the cord, the processing to the freezing and the certificate...

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cord blood stem cells-Treatable diseases

Why store cord blood? Everyone naturally hopes to stay healthy into old age, thus eliminating the need for the treatment of serious diseases. However, in reality, things often look different. An extract from the medical journal "The Lancet" underlines the sense of...

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umbilical cord stem cells- Treatments in the future

umbilical cord stem cells- Treatments in the future Can cord blood cells be used in degenerative diseases as well? There are many clinical trials and experimental therapies ongoing with cord blood stem cells. These therapies are still under investigation but most...

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stem cell storage quality standards

stem cell storage quality standards   The main reasons to use A1 Medical Center  Although there are many suppliers for cord blood storage we provide you with 10 important reasons to select A1 Medical Center as your partner: A1 Medical Center offers quality,...

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stem cell banking-FAQ

stem cell banking-FAQ What are stem cells? Stem cells are undifferentiated cells which can keep dividing (while remaining undifferentiated) or can differentiate into specialized cells (e.g. blood cells). During the human gestation period, for example, embryonic stem...

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treatment application

treatment application How do I apply and what do I need to do? Patients initially apply for treatment by e-mail or phone. We then explain what stem cell therapy could mean for them and the requirements that have to be met before they can undergo stem cell therapy. The...

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beauty cell

beauty cell ANTI-AGINGBe your own fountain of youth… FACELIFT Sustainable anti wrinkle treatment with out neurotics CO2-LASER WITH STEM CELLS Fusing modern, medical technology with own reconstructive skin cells BREAST AUGMENTATIONNatural breast augmentation without...

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