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  • remodelling of wounds
  • Breast reconstruction after cancer
  • Assembly of tissue loss due to burns

Treatment duration: approximately 4½ h


  • A result, which can be seen
  • Naturally aesthetic
  • Long lasting
  • No general anesthetic required
  • No foreign bodies


Only a few hours in the OR, but life-long for your soul

The re-modeling of wounds due to illness or an accident is a sensitive topic we would like to help you with. Usually, we can’t control these unwanted events. However now, you can choose the best option for you to repair the damage.

Disabled does not mean lost…

It might save your life if you get a tumor removed in your face. However, this might have caused a gaping hole and also this is hard to deal with. We are glad that you are now healthy but also want to help you to feel like this again.

If you do not feel comfortable in your skin anymore…

So that you can finally close this dark chapter of your life, Cells4beauty created a variety of treatment possibilities, which will give you a natural and sustainable result. Holes in the face can be filled up due to an uncomplicated procedure in which auto logous fat stem cells will be prepared in a sophisticated way to achieve a natural and sustainable appearance.

The entire medical process consists of four steps:

1. Harvesting
2. Separating
3. Enrichment
4. Treatment

The treatment is performed under local anesthesia, or as required under a general anesthetic. Depending on the treatment, the procedure takes about 3-4½ h. A rejection can be excluded, as only own adipose tissue as well as, stem cells during the treatment will be processed and injected.


The patients own body fat will be required by a mini liposuction, preferably from your hips or thighs. Hereby, we take care that the fat will be aspirated symmetrical. In general, this fat harvesting procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. First you will get a local anesthetic to the area where they will get the fat from. Subsequently, a thiny cut will be made on the area where the liposuction will take place. Now they will take out approximately 150-200 ml body fat.  In breast augmentation, depending on your preferring size it will be more.


During the separating process the stem cells will be separated from the fat using an own developed and patented closed system.
The result will be a pure and highly concentrated stem cell product. In general, it contains more than millions of stem cells.
The separation process takes roughly 30-40 minutes.


The fat will now be enriched and mixed with the stem cells.


You will get a local anesthetic to the treated area. Subsequently, the adipose tissue together with the stem cells will be injected using a small cannula. The adipose tissue will be distributed homogeneously and gently massaged.