Sport makes your children happy, smart and self-confident. Before applying to a sport training complete your child’s necessary health care checks.

Let them safe to enjoy sport training, let their teeny heart to beat healthily!

Sport is one of the most primary activity children most like and spend most effort. Apart from daily activities more intense sport training effort represents much more additional overload for your child’s metabolism.

If your child’s overall metabolism is not convenient for it your child will most likely experience detrimental outcomes.

Early diagnosis in heart diseases has vital impact. Especially, during the era when your child is introduced with sport or before register to sport school possible health examination is vitally important in terms of diagnosing the diseases. Because, during pregnancy or after birth due to lots of various reasons emerging heart diseases depend on plenty or causes. Especially some of those show symptoms following progress.

Are you sure of your child’s health condition maybe to some extent enjoy running and making competition with their peers, maybe dreaming about to become a professional sportsman?

A1 Medical Center compiled a health care program making you confident about their heart health in addition to your child’s overall health situation: “Pre-Sports Check-Up Program”.