When your doctor recommends a medication, procedure or even surgery, you almost certainly have questions and concerns — or even fears.

These reactions are normal. But it doesn’t mean you need to accept everything you just heard at face value. Your next step should be to get a second opinion.

Reasons to seek a second opinion

You can have different reason to seek the second opinion:

  • You are not feeling confident about your doctor’s decisions or even feeling rushed
  • You want to be sure that your diagnosis is correct
  • You are unsure which treatment to choose
  • Your present treatment is not effective
  • Treatment proposed to you is too risky or toxic
  • You are about to undergo a major surgery
  • Your insurance company may require it before covering your treatment
  • You may have options — including not needing the medicine or procedure, or one being less expensive than another
  • You’re concerned about the risk or how it might affect your lifestyle, family or work
  • You want to be sure that no important detail was accidentally overlooked
  • You want to be sure have the best treatment plan in place

A1 Medical Second Opinion

The A1 Medical Second Opinion Program allows you to consult a A1 Medical Center specialist—without getting on a plane—to confirm your diagnosis, review your current treatment plan and explore possible treatments in your home country or at A1 Medical Center.

With a remote medical second opinion, you can plan the best course of treatment with the confidence that your decision is well informed. In addition, you’ll gain a valuable resource for staying up to date on the latest research and therapeutic advances for your condition.

How it works?

To begin the remote medical second opinion process, please:

  • Send us an inquiry
  • Download the medical second opinion packet
  • Gather all recent medical records.
  • Complete all necessary forms and information.
  • Forward your completed medical second opinion packet and medical records as directed in the packet.


Our team is available to assist with any questions that you may have. Email us  or contact us via skype or telephone. We look forward to serving you.