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Are you medical doctor, patient counsellor, medical travel agency, hospital/clinic representative or other healthcare provider?

We welcome you to join the  health and medicine network.

Our network has following aims:

Better follow up for better treatment outcome

Thousands patients undergo diagnostic and treatments in our centers and in medical centers of our partners worldwide.

We are interested in providing of the best possible follow up for our patients from foreign countries and looking for the cooperation partners in different fields of medicine all over the world, which can make follow up for our patients in their own countries.

Better medical knowledge management for better healing or recovery chances

Due to modern technologies and development in the medicine the information about new diagnostic and treatment possibilities plays the crucial role for better healing and recovery chances.

We invite you to join us and share information about new diagnostic and treatment methods, which can help patients to benefit from it.

Better diagnostic and treatment possibilities

Not everywhere in the world all of the modern technologies, diagnostic and treatment options are available.

In cooperation with you we can provide to your patients the most of such treatments.

Better medicine due to our common projects

The development of medicine in many countries has enorm benefit to all of us.

Let us start the common projects to achieve this aim.

Better medical products and services

We are looking and develop permanent for medical products and services, which can help our patients.

You can offer our products to your patients or we can offer your products or services to ours.

Better understanding and communication

Medical vocabulary and language are often difficult to understand, moreover if this language is foreign.

We provide to your patients the translation in their own language during treatment for better understanding and communication.

Better proposal?

There is a place for everything and everybody in our health and medicine network.

Are you a patient and want to benefit from our network?

Inform your doctor or healthcare provider about us  or send us his contact details!


A1 Medical Network-Making World Better!