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New treatment method for prostate cancer – <em>NanoKnife</em> (irreversible electroporation or IRE), affords new possibilities for focal prostate therapy with only minimal side effects and sets the new benchmark in this field.

Whilst currently established treatment methods cause<span style=”color: #ff6600;”><em> impotence</em></span> (loss of erectile function of the penis) and<span style=”color: #ff6600;”><em> incontinence</em></span> (loss of urinary bladder control) in the majority of men, these side effects can be avoided in most cases with irreversible electroporation.

The significance of paradigm change in prostate therapy becomes clear when one considers that every 6th man is affected by prostate cancer. And whilst prostate cancer was primarily a disease of elderly men in the past, today younger, too, are increasingly afflicted.
Treatment with irreversible electroporation (IRE), the NanoKnife, causes cell death induced by strong local electric fields. This, however, only affects parenchymal and tumor cells. Nerves and vessels are spared or only partially damaged. This was the neurovascular bundle, responsible for penile erection and urinary continence, remains intact.
<h3>Modern Treatment Methods without Complications</h3>
With this method the novel, gentle and minimally-invasive treatment method has become available for patients at the Prostate-Center, method which affords a therapy of prostate cancer without grave side effects.

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<h3>Do you need the treatment for the prostate cancer?</h3>
The golden rule of medicine to increase your chances of a recovery is to identify the risk and treat the disease as early as it possible.

In order to identify the risk of the prostate cancer for you <a title=”Innovative Prostate Cancer Diagnostic” href=”/?page_id=1986″>special diagnostic work-up</a> could be necessary.

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