Specifying the Target with Transperineal 3D Prostate Biopsy: Pain-free – Safe – Precise

Pain-Free and Safe

Transperineal biopsy is carried out pain-free in full anaesthesia, and steril under operation room conditions such that the risk of a post biopsy infection of the prostate (prostatitis) is negligible.


The highest accuracy is achieved with transperineal (through the skin of the pelvic floor) 3D-biopsy, which affords a detection rate for prostate cancer between 75 and 100 %.

A 3D biopsy is carried out ultrasound-guided with the aid of a “stepper” and “grid”.

This particular method makes it possible to sample tissue from the whole prostate in well-defined locations.

This way, a three-dimensional tissue map can be assembled, which reveals whether a prostate cancer is confined to a specific location in the prostate (focal) or distributed over an extended volume (multi-focal).

Advantages of the 3D-Biopsy: 3D-Biopsy vs. usual Biopsy

The more examples are taken (about 60 in 3D-Biopsy against 12 in regular Biopsy), the more precise the carcinoma can be located.

Knowledge of this is a prerequisite for further therapy planning.

Transperianeal 3D-Biopsie Affords Gentle, Minimally-Invasive Focal Therapy with Nanoknife of Prostate Cancer

Based on the information about the exact special distribution of a cancer in the prostate a selective focal treatment can be carried out.

This way only those regions of the prostate affected by cancer are destroyed.

Healthy regions of the prostate can be preserved.


MRI scans of the prostate before (left) and after (right) 3D-biopsy with a total of 60 samples. Upper row shows T2-weighted, lower row T1-weighted images. Neither oedema nor haemorrhage (bleeding) of the prostatic tissue is present. The patient was without any complaints after the procedure. The apparently larger volume of the prostate after biopsy (right) is artificial due to the fact that the pre-biopsy exam carried out with an endo-rectal coil, which causes a slight dorsal impression of the prostate (arrow).

The costs of 3D-Biopsy-Work-Up

The costs for 3D-Biopsy-Work-Up are 10381 Euro.

The package includes:

  • Consultation with the doctors
  • MRI Screening of the prostate endorectal with spectroscopy (so-called “Biopsy-Free”-Diagnostic)
  • Ultrasound transrectal investigation
  • 3D-Biopsy
  • Anesthesia
  • Pathological investigation for the samples
  • Ambulatory accommodation
  • MRI-Control of the pelvis next day

The whole procedure takes normally 1-2 days.

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