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Fat stem cells- General Information

Looking young and naturally…

It is the nature of human being to feel and appear eternally young.

Applying plastic surgery there are many ways and opportunities to keep this youth, also at an advanced age.

However, there is, like everywhere in life, a downside.

Many cosmetic procedures involve, independently of the general risks of surgery, further possible complications, like an incompatibility with foreign bodies  or loss of facial expression due to a Botox treatment.

The motto „ beauty knows no pain „ seems to be applicable….. But is it really necessary nowadays to suffer?

No one can see the most beautiful smile in the world when the facial expression is frozen.
Cells4Beauty Anti-Aging, Facelifts and Breast augmentations are performed completely with endogenous substances. For this reason we can exclude any incompatibility.


Another unique point of the Cells4beauty Treatments is its sustainability. It is generally known, that Botox treatments are an expensive and time consuming „maintenance therapy„ which must be repeated frequently. This could be a reason to stop you from smiling. Cells4Beauty Therapies are characterized by long lasting sustainability. All procedures are done under highest medical care by a specially trained medical team.  The extracted, own body fat will be centrifuged, prepared and, and then together with the obtained stem cells injected in the treated area.

Scar formation…

The patient’s own prepared body fat will be injected with small needles and therefore no major cuts of the skin are necessary. Due to this unique procedure it is possible to avoid scar formation completely,  which is to some extent unavoidable in other cosmetic treatments.