Sustainable anti wrinkle treatment without neurotoxins

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Treatment duration: approximately 3-4 h




Do you feel like time is passing by?

The way you feel does not fit the way you look. Inside you stayed young and energetic however, you cannot identify this with your look. No need to worry, many people around you will feel the same. It is the spirit of time that makes us grow older naturally, but often apparently faster as we wish.

Everybody is an individual…

Nobody can escape from this natural process of aging; however you may have noticed that this process differs from person to person in nature, severity and pace.


Another factor in aging is the lifestyle of an individual which varies as least as much as our pre fixed genetic conditions. In today’s society, stress and unhealthy nutrition, or the consumption of stimulants such as alcohol and cigarettes are circumstances and habits that will mark us.

Skin does not forgive…

These influences from outside, will be soon noticeable on our skin, especially in the face. As a result- Poor skin quality, deep wrinkles also caused by individual face expression, crow’s feet etc. –This is how we look like, not how we feel at all.

Cells4beauty offers you a natural way without using artificial materials or neurotoxins – for your skins sake…

The entire medical process consists of four steps:

1. Harvesting

2. Separating

3. Enrichment

4. Treatment

The treatment is performed under local anesthesia, or as required under a general anesthesia. Depending on the treatment, the procedure takes about 3-4½ h. A rejection of the fat can be excluded, as only your own adipose tissue and stem cells will be processed and injected.


The patients own body fat will be required by a mini liposuction, preferably from your hips or thighs. Hereby, we take care that the fat will be aspirated symmetrically. In general, this fat harvesting procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. First you will get a local anesthetic to the liposuction area. Subsequently, a tiny cut will be made on the area where the liposuction will take place. Now they will take out approximately 150-200 ml body fat. In breast augmentation, depending on your preferring size it will be more, up to 800 milliliter.


During the separating process the stem cells will be isolated from the fat using a specifically designed closed system.

The result will be a pure and highly concentrated stem cell product. In general, it contains several mllions of stem cells.

The entire separation process takes roughly 30-40 minutes.


The fat will now be enriched and mixed with the stem cells.


You will get a local anesthetic to the treated area. Subsequently, the adipose tissue together with the stem cells will be injected using a small cannula. The adipose tissue will be distributed homogeneously and will gently be massaged below the skin.