A1 Medical Center offers a complete package for the storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells and stem cells from the cord itself. This package includes everything from the collection of the cord blood and the cord, the processing to the freezing and the certificate (only the courier cost of the sample to the lab is additional).

  • Collection set (including the blood bag and the thermo transportation box)
  • Doctor’s fees if applicable
  • Courier costs
  • State of the art isolation of the stem cells
  • Quality testing and quantification of the nucleated cells and stem cells (CD34+)
  • Diagnostic screening for relevant infections of the mother blood by PCR technique
  • Computer controlled freezing of the sample
  • Storage in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen for 25 years (can be extended)
  • Certificate of the sample with quality parameters


In case you need the stem cells, A1 Medical Center will additionally offer for free:


  • Analysis of the retaining sample (Quality check)
  • Transfer of the relevant documents and arrangement of transportation of the sample in frozen state to the transplantation center


This complete package gives you the security to have stem cells ready for use in case the sample is needed. Just a safe idea!


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