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Anti Aging treatment

100% -natural to feel fit

Application: physical and mental exhaustion, like Burnout, aging

Treatment duration: approximately. 2 ½ h


minimally invasive

no scars 100 percent natural, from yourself

Be your own fountain of youth…

You feel tired, exhausted and drained? Sooner or later, once we all feel like that. It might be the stressful daily life, the demanding job, or even just your age. When these symptoms appear we gladly and quickly go for short- term solutions like coffee or Power napping – unnecessary. You already carry your lacking energy power with yourself.

Sounds strange? However, it is true…

Our versed medical team will inject with a highly sophisticated method millions of extracted and highly concentrated stem cells of your own body fat into your bloodstream using a small cannula.

Same amount, improved quality…

It is a fairytale that you have more stem cells now, however, highly concentrated at the right place and in activated state. This is how we help you in a natural way – together we support your body with your own cells. Soon, you will recognize what a rejuvenating impact this has on your whole body.

The entire medical process consists of three steps:

1. Harvesting
2. Separating
3. Treatment

The treatment is performed under local anesthesia, or as required under a general anesthesia. Depending on the treatment, the procedure takes about 1½-2 h.


The patients own body fat will be required by a mini liposuction, preferably from your hips or thighs. Hereby, we take care that the fat will be aspirated symmetrical. In general, this fat harvesting procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. First you will get a local anesthetic to the area where they will get the fat from. Subsequently, a thiny cut will be made on the area where the liposuction will take place. Now they will take out approximately 150-200 ml body fat.  In breast augmentation, depending on your preferring size it will be more.


During the separating process the stem cells will be separated from the fat using an own developed and patented closed system.
The result will be a pure and highly concentrated stem cell product. In general, it contains more than millions of stem cells.
The separation process takes roughly 30-40 minutes.


The prepared stem cells will be infused slowly into a vein of the arm or hand.